1. Credit/Debit Card:
    Every online purchase from the website www.ramazotti.com.cy takes place at the buyer’s selection with an option for payment with JCC credit cards.
    The transactions take place electronically with safety, in real time, between the Buyer and owner of the card with JCC which carries out the transaction on behalf of www.ramazotti.com.cy.
    In this process, www.ramazotti.com.cy has no participation and the sensitive data of your credit/debit card are not stored in its system.

    If the buyer carrying out the transaction is not the same person as the Credit Card owner, www.ramazotti.com.cy has no liability and has no obligation to return money.

  2. Via Paypal:
    PayPal allows you to pay directly and automatically encrypts sensitive data using the best technologies in the market.
  1. Cash on delivery:
    You can pay the courier employee on delivery of the products at your area. For deliveries paid with cash on delivery there is no additional charge